Rocky Moutain High...in Colorado

Flew to Colorado for a long weekend with my beautiful daughter, Malory. She's attending CSU in Ft. Collins. We buzzed all over, doing as much as possible in 4 days as we could! RMNP was on our list of to-dos. Malory ran in a 5K race while I was in CO. It was great to see her run competitively, as it'd been almost a year since she'd competed.This is her new boyfriend, Bobby. He's MUCH cuter than he appears in this photo, and I SWEAR Malory is being an absolute dork. She hates when I take her picture.
The squirrels were very friendly on campus.
The dorm food is nothing like when we were in college! Fresh fruit, huge salad bar, Mongolian grill, pasta bar, wraps, Mexican bar....
Malory (right) with her new friend, Jane. Jane is from Philadelphia and she and Mal hit it off instantly in the dorms.Alberta Falls, up in Glacier Gorge. It was only a 1 mile hike in, so we were doing fine...except that we were at 8800 feet and quite winded.Looking up a ridge during one of our hikes. We had driven along a high road to get here. You can see a road sign at the bottom.On the plane, flying home. The Rockies were covered with snow as I left. A storm had hit while we were out there!
I cried while I slept in my hotel room that last night, knowing it'd been quite awhile before I'd see her again.


Vita said...

Beautiful everything, including daughter even when being dork, but if you were asleep, how did you know you were crying?

The Carnivorous Hippy said...

You know, that Vita is a wise one... wise ass maybe : )

BoggyWoggy said...

Bite me, both of you. I now deem thee, "Wise A$$ 1" and "Wise A$$ 2."