Crabby, Crabby, Crabs

We headed over to Newport/Yaquina Bay on Sunday, hoping to score some fantastic Fall Crab. Hubby was delighted to get out his big boat and get us all in.This Little Crabby Crab tried to make an escape and hide. He dropped into one of the cup holders and worked his way down as deep as possible.
I picked him up and dumped him into the drink. Silly Crabby Crab. Don't you know you can't hide there?

My Granddaughter (yes...that's right...um...she's my step-granddaughter) had never been crabbing before, so she enjoyed the challenge of grabbing Crabby Crabs.

View from the frontof the boat, looking West. toward the Pacific Ocean. The Yaquina Bay Bridge was very beautiful and the bay water was calm. Ahhh.