Oh, man! What a Debate!

Maybe it's because I'm old enough, now, to understand many of the issues that are a part of our everyday, American lives.
I'm having a hard time grasping all of the worry over the bail-out/stock market issues, as I'm just a lowly educator with few investments. No matter what, I realize that I will still always get up in the morning, drink my coffee, read my local paper, care for my teens, drive to work, feed my dogs, ride my bike, geocache, and plan on small vacations with my Wonderful Husband...regardless of who is in office.
But, my passion keeps me from staying quiet.
I ABSOLUTELY love Barack Obama.
I love his voice.
I love his ideas.
I love his youth.
I love his background.
I love his views.
After tonight's debate, I truly see that my feelings and passions are viable.
I think I hear a man speaking who GETS IT and will make life better, somehow.
When I think of Grandpa McCain in office, I get a few weird thoughts running through my head, such as:
Is it OK to have a president who cannot raise his hands above his head?
Can I stand to listen to his crackly voice?
At what point will I scream when I hear Sarah Palin's whiny, stupid words?
How can Americans elect a man who is slightly vicious? (I really do believe there is a deep evil lurking below the surface.)

My son is now 16. He and I had an interesting discussion this morning on the way into town. I said, "Do you realize that G.W. Bush has been president for 1/2 of your life and W.J.Clinton was president for the other 1/2 of you life?"
He replied, "Wow. I guess I have very little memory of Bill Clinton as president. I've just grown accustomed to hearing how stupid the American president is. I haven't known anything different."
I said, "Hopefully, that will change..."


Vita said...

Oh, deep evil. And Mrs. Palin has hair poking her in the eye that makes her close it at irregular intervals. The talking heads say attacking Obama is the only way he can win. It would be so unfair if McCain got elected, died, and the governor of Alaska became the first woman president! I am afraid.

BoggyWoggy said...

You noticed the hair thing, too! I got so irritated! Donna was with me, watching, and we both got so upset, as the hair kept us from listening well! Blink, blink, blink...ugh!

Vita said...

Because of the special prosecutors, later bits of Bill Clinton's presidency was pretty well x-rated, so it's good your 16 year old wasn't paying attention at the time.