Today I'd planned on taking a carload of kids to the new IMax theater in McMinnville, out at the Evergreen Aviation Museum. Alas, it's opening has been delayed and it's not ready for viewing. So, instead, I'm loading them up and we're driving up to the Pearl District in Portland, one of my most favorite walking/shopping/eating areas in Oregon! We'll have lunch at The Cameo (my favorite restaurant...especially for breakfast, as they make a knock-out coconut waffle!) and then roam the streets where all of the cool folks are. Hopefully, the kids won't think it's boring, but, then again, I pretty much think they think everything I suggest is boring...However, there's the coolest of cool shops there. It's called "Three Monkeys." They have all of the most amazing doo0dads, antiques, junk, jewelry, and more, including old records,..

Wait! Today is April Fool's Day! My daughter just came in and we're going to hide hubby's truck...make it look like someone stole it!

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