Oops! Wrong Day!

Okay, so my daughter came in this morning as I was posting a new message. She was so excited..."Mom! It's April Fool's Day! What should we do??"

We devised all of these horrid schemes and played them out...only to have our Swedish exchange student, at one point in the chaotic morning say, "Wait. Today isn't April 1st, is it?"

ARRRGGGHHH! We are such dorks! We'd taken my husband's beloved truck out and parked it by the highway with a sign in the window that said, "For Sale. $6000. Excellent price. Wife hates my gas-guzzler!" We even put his actual cell phone number on it. The truck is worth about $20,000 at this point.

We are such dorks.

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The Carnivorous Hippy said...

This...among many other reasons, is why you are my friend.