New Sport for Us!

Lacrosse absolutely rocks! Tonight we viewed our exchange student's first Lacrosse match! I never realized how extremely violent the game can be! Kids were flying everywhere! Their sticks are not only tools for catching and passing, but also serve as weapons of destruction! One concern I had was that no one was wearing any shin guards. I saw a few kids take direct hits on the boniest part of the human body, and still manage to keep on hustling down the field until play ended. Then, they'd roll on the ground for a bit, squinting back the pain!

The CHS Team won, playing a tough game against West Salem. "The Swede" played often, made a lot of contact with the funky rubber ball, and even had some violent encounters with the other team, while trying to get control of the ball! Ouch!

As I was looking over our family calendar for the rest of April, I realized that there are now officially no weekday evenings without 1-2 "kid-related activites," all taking at least 2 hours. Even 3 of the 4 weekends are filled with invitational track meets, ACT exam, and a Lacrosse International Invitational in Portland. It will be fun navigating from Salem to Oregon City in less than 25 minutes, at one point. Ha!

I feel a little guilty, but, in this situation, I'm relieved to say that my children live in my home only 50% of the time. They will be leaving for their dad's house tomorrow for a week of adventures with him. Oh, and the Swede goes, too!

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Vita said...

Whew ! You make my head spin. No wonder you don't know what day it is.