Warm, warm Grant's Pass...

We're down in ol' GP, Oregon this weekend for an invitational track meet. Beautiful daughter already ran the 1500 this morning and is goin to run again this afternoon, in the 3000. She didn't look so good in the first race...but, she admitted that there were girls crowding her in the lanes and using some pretty intimidating cuss words when she attempted to pass. Must be frustrating. Oh, well...

This is the Banana Belt of Oregon. It's about 1 p.m and already 80 degrees. Good stuff...except that I came with my traditional "April in Corvallis" wear, including long pants, long-sleeved shirt, and fleece vest. After getting the kids settled at the meet, I jetted over to a store and bought clothes!

Drove down a big crew of boys on this trek...5 boys and 1 girl, actually. Very little chatter, except for ZVP, who must have forgotten his meds and was jabbering for 45 solid minutes about all of his adventures and abilities. The rest of the crew was either sleeping or doing homework (Beautiful tends to do that on road trips...)

Be home this evening!

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