Lighten Up...

After 2 downer posts, it's time for some uppers!
Here are photos I took this afternoon, when I returned home from work!
I've owned this Bleeding Heart for 11 years!
I love the combination of a deutzia with Forget-Me-Nots! I usually end up ripping out most of the little blue buggers, as they like to take over...but, in April, I welcome them!
A close up of one of the lilacs I planted near the roadside...
I bought this Viburnum from Gosslers in Springfield. They are absolutely the BEST at developing new species of viburnum to meet a wide variety of seasonal, soil, and bloomtime needs! You have to make an appointment to tour their gardens and greenhouses, but it is worth i! I plan on going there in a couple of weeks! If any friends want to join me, hooray!
I love the side yard. When we moved here in 2001, the only thing you could see was the oak tree and the rhodie in the foreground! Lots of sweat and time spent here!
Here's a view of my "Secret Garden" area, prior to the explosion of leaves on the larger trees. You can see the bird bath/sanctuary.
My handsome husband and I have hidden in here before
and kissed!
Funky, funky tulip! I put it right by the front door. It really wakes me up in the morning when I'm heading out the door to school! I'll hate to see it fade...


Vita said...

I'm available on May 19, as far as I know. People do let me know things rather last minute-ish. Grrrr.

admin said...

Hi BoggyWoggy,

Fantastic photos of your plants and garden. I love the funky tulip!I have a bleeding heart in my garden too, all the way over here in sunny England! Well it is sunny at the moment - we've had the hottest April for 140 years!

Sara from farmingfriends in the UK

vanishingword said...

You would absolutely adore my link to Princess haiku's blog. She shares your spectacular flower vernacular.

BoggyWoggy said...

I LOVE all of your comments! I'll check our Princess Haiku. I believe I have read her before...and commented!

Skittles said...

Beautiful! And LILACS!!! What a heavenly scent.

Princess Haiku said...

Oh, your lilacs are superb and the very sight of them makes me happy.

I knew an ancient Italian woman when I was a child who use to grow bleeding hearts, in memory of a son who had died long before in a war. Whenever I see a bleeding heart I think of the love that people plant in their soul and it grows and grows.

Vanishing was right that I love flowers and would enjoy your blog. I do believe we have been matched up.

Your secret garden is sweet too. I can see that you are going to grow a lovely garden of a blog.