I hate it...really, I do!

OSU's new "logo" is disturbing to me! I know it's weird, but, I really have this brutal feeling of extreme dislike for it.

First of all, I read that OSU paid some really expensive graphic design company to create it...when, honestly, they could have gone to Fairbanks Hall on campus and met up with some of the world's most talented (and cheap) artists right there...students! Plus, I could have created something good, using all 3 letters ("O! S!U! Oregon State! Fight, fight, fight!")

I bought my hubby a new jacket for his birthday today. It has the logo on it...along with the Nike Swoosh. I loved the jacket design and lines and he really, really needed it, as a recruiter for the school. He likes the logo, so that's what it's all about, and I bit my tongue as he said, "Thank you! I really like this." Heck, he really likes it. I'll let him have that. He's more of a Beaver fan these days than me, anyway. But, I want to go and get one of those cool fabric markers and add a "U" to the embroidered logo.

But, what's with the OS???!!! It's OSU!
Heck, while I'm at it, I miss Benny Beaver.
Oh, yeah, and Bernice, too!


Vita said...

I asked someone wearing the new logo if it was going to start being called OZ now, and he was sure it wasn't.

The Carnivorous Hippy said...

Hey, I was with you when you did that.