Hot Dog Lips

One of our dogs, Jim Dandy, has started a new bad habit. He can now remove entire boards from our backyard fence. He spends his days while we are away at work working feverishly on widening the "play" area for himself, Dood, and Theo. All 3 dogs are fat. All 3 somehow manage to squeeze through the opening Jim Dandy makes! Remember, one board is about, oh, 6-8 inches wide.

My hubby got a scoop from the guys at Spaeth Lumber. See, he's been there several times over the past few weeks. Guy behind the counter tells Hubby that he needs to put Tabasco on the boards to keep the dog away. He says, "You see, a dog can't tolerate the sting of the peppers."

Hubby goes to town on this one. Goes to Costco and buys the biggest darned bottle of Tabasco around! Begins shaking it all over the place!

First day, Jim Dandy avoids the fence.
Second day, same thing...
Third, Fourth, Fifth days...ditto.
Then, today, I came home from work and found all 3 friggin' dogs sitting in the driveway, happy as clams. I go in back and find the broken board. I took a look at Jim Dandy and notice that his lips look funny. They're sort of curled back and he seems to be smiling. A closer look reveals that his tongue is a little swollen and his gums are bright red!

Darned dog. He said to himself this morning as I put him in the backyard, "OK. Today's the day. I will overcome the sting of the peppers and bust through the fence, even if it hurts me lip and gums!"


The Carnivorous Hippy said...

I like the title of this!
How's he doing today? What will your hubby do now? Pretty chain linked fence? an invisable fence? are those cruel? too many questions?
have a spiffed out day.

Vita said...

Darned determined dog.