Today in the garden...
Beautiful False Indigo
(aka Baptista)
Varigated Sage and other herbs...
View in back...Hebe, Cardoon, Wysteria, and Climbing Red Rose...
Looking up at the Black Locust in full-bloom!
My first mosaic...it sat out all Winter, so it's had better days!
"Tequila Sunrise" Columbine! Makes me want some tequila right now!
These Digitalis are about 9 feet tall! I grew this bunch from seed! Because they are biennials, I had to wait a long time to see the results! I think it was worth the wait!

My children (and Albin, the Swede) painted my Adirondak chair! It simply glows in the shade!
Ooo-Ahh...pretty "Bunch Sage!"
This is a cool flower! It's actually an annual that reseeds quite successfully. It's called "Three-Birds-Flying!" When you get up close, each flower head looks like a funky parrot with its wings outstreched in full flight. It's Latin name is Linaria.

Unbelievable Oriental Poppy! The number of flower heads this year on this plant is outstanding! Its pollen is bright, indigo blue!
This is Jupiter's Beard. It is my absolute favorite flower, besides all of the others. However, it spreads seed quickly and I am diligent about keeping it contained. I have 2 varieties...this deep pink and some pure white.


Sara said...

Hi BoggyWoggy,
I just love looking at the photos of your garden. The flowers look amazing and the way you have planned your garden looks great. The mosaic is just fabulous. I think I will get some of those tequila sunrise aquilegia as I am partial to a tequila now and then! This way I can enjoy the tequila without the bad head!!
I thoroughly enjoyed my virtual visit to your garden.
Sara from farmingfriends

BoggyWoggy said...

Thanks, Sara.

Vita said...

Black locust, thanks. Good to know. What spectacular photos. I am afraid of the poison oak in my front yard-which-is-a-feral-pile-and-not-a-garden-anymore. Did you see that the City of Corvallis has placed a lot of geo-cache things all over town and if you take all their pictures with your phone you will win a prize?

BoggyWoggy said...

Did you know that someone has taken all but one of my geocaches? It's very disheartening!

Kathy said...

Now I know what that mystery flower in my front yard is - it's a columbine! Beautiful pictures, all of them :-)