Ready for this?

Today, my students and I hosted a HUGE benefit garage sale to help the family of a young child who is suffering with a brain tumor. The child is a student from our school, although, none of the children in my class know her.
We've been working for a month on this project, and the big work took place this week. The ENTIRE cafeteria at our school was FILLED with donated items...folks from all over our community showed up on Friday to make their donations. Kids were working in teams (they had to fill out "Job Applications" for their jobs and be "hired," including signing a contract). THE WEEK WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Our total "take" was...are you ready?...$1600!

The principal of our school hasn't said one word to me about this adventure. She hasn't even acknowledged our existence in this work. She hasn't said ONE WORD of encouragement or inspiration to my students. Then, she showed up at the VERY END of a very long day, I'd been working for 9 hours and most of the kids had been working for about 7...as we were loading up 4 complete truckloads of items to donate to GoodWill...and managed to "sneak" in to one photo I took of children hauling boxes.
I have already deleted that photo...


The Carnivorous Hippy said...

I am very happy with my tomatoe condiments! I don't think I would have them, had it not been for your wonderful sale!!
Hooray to you and the kids... what an opportuntity for them and a bit of relief for the recipient of the funds.
You are a good person. Karma is headed your way...watch out.

BoggyWoggy said...

Karma? Who's that? Will she understand how bad I am when no one else is around? Sometimes, I lie on the couch and watch TV, knowing that I have at least 10 things that need doin'.

admin said...

Well Done BoggyWoggy and your class and school. What an act of kindness and a learning experience as well. An inspiration to us all!
Sara from farmingfriends in the UK