Howling at Himself!

Can you see the mirror?

This morning it is absolutely beautiful here! The soft sprinkles are oh, so lightly pittering on the leaves and flowers. I could hear it through our open bedroom window as I woke up. I planned on sleeping in, but was up by 5:45, because I just couldn't WAIT to get out and begin working in the garden. I went out onto the deck to enjoy my coffee and the Sunday Gazette-Times and the 3 dogs were quietly napping at my feet. Suddenly, ol' Theo started braying up a storm! He becomes super-protective when anyone comes near our home and alerts us all with his classic Basset Hound, "Woooooo-wooo-wooo-wooo!" I nearly jumped out of my seat!

As I looked around to see what he was fussing about, it dawned on me that he had just discovered his reflection in one of the many large mirrors I have hanging on the fence in back. The thing is, those mirrors have been out there for over a year...and he just noticed! What a watch-dog!

Other views this morning: From the deck, my funny fish, and my old wicker plant stand...

Four Fairy Gardens!


Sara said...

Hi Boggywoggy,

I love seeing pictures of your garden. It made me chuckle when you said that the mirrors had been there for sometime. As you say what a watch dog!! What type of dogs do you have?
Sara from farmingfriends

BoggyWoggy said...

I have 2 large brother mutts (1/2 Golden Retriever, 1/4 Border Collie, 1/4 Black Lab) and a huge old Basset Hound. He's my 2nd Basset. I do the "rescue" Bassets...

Take care!