Oh, No! The reality of Carnivorous Hippy's Cream Cheese Lid!

Oh, my! I read what Carnivorous Hippy wrote about the cream cheese lid! When I turned the lid over, AAAACCCKKK!

In college, my turntable on my old Pioneer Stereo could play forwards and backwards. Everyone in my dorm would bring me albums to play backwards. We'd scream when we listened to "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen! There were others, but this song, in particular, got us!


The Carnivorous Hippy said...

Too funny BW! How could you possibly have this much creative energy? You're talents are certainly being wasted on gourmet cooking, master gardnering, teacher of the yearing, parenting... when you should really be learning Photoshop : )

I pale in your shadow,

Vita said...

Bud light?

BoggyWoggy said...

Well...originally I did the BudLight photo thing...and the glass was so poorly constructed that it just didn't work like the Guinness glass...so, I tried something different!