Ahhh...The Sound of Sprinklers!

This morning is crisp and clear. I honestly woke at 5 a.m. to the sound of 2 Scrub Jays squawking at each other in the eucalyptus tree in the front yard. I went out with a cup of coffee and set up 3 large sprinklers and realized, with surprise, "Oh my! It's actually summer!" When I hear sprinklers, especially the pulsating kind, I feel so relaxed. I mean, my garden is HUGE, but I refuse to put in an irrigation system, as I need the therapeutic sounds of water showering over plants. Many gardeners spout the importance of avoiding overhead watering, as it's "not good for so many plants." Me, well in my mind, if a plant can't survive water from above, then it's not welcome! My 64 rose bushes have done quite well, in spite of the overhead spray.

I'm one of those who actually enjoys dragging hoses and being in complete control of my plants' life-blood. My husband has offered in-ground irrigation, complete with a timer, so that I don't have to worry anymore, but I politely turned him down. My great-grandmother, Nellie White, used to drag a hose down to her little piece of heaven when I visited, so I guess it's in my blood and memory bank.
Today is absolutely perfect. Hot coffee, dogs snoring at my feet, Sunday paper, and sprinklers "ch-ch-ch-ing" outside.
These are Himalayan Honeysuckle. Very pretty, aren't they?

These are part of my "new favorite flowers" group! They are Foxtail Lilies. I've put in several this year...


Vita said...

Ditto, except my well won't support a sprinkler. My neighbor's well does, so I get the joy of that sound vicariously. My mother and grandmother were hose draggers. My mother's garden was pretty big. Wow! 64 roses!! Speaking of roses, it just hit me that Hippy's spouse had help pruning from that deer.

Sara said...

I can just picture myself sat there with you drinking coffee and chatting whilst admiring your beautiful garden and listening to the ching ching of the sprinkler. Sounds fabulous.
Sara from farmingfriends