Corvallis Cross-Country Team Rocks!

Before...After...Last night, my daughter and I hosted a huge party for the 2007-08 Cross-Country team! Tons of great kids showed up, at least 35! We roasted a variety of hot-dog-shaped goodies. I say this because there are several vegetarians on the team, so I had purchased a wide variety of meatless and meatful hot dogs. The meatless made me ask, "What's the point?" While they were on the grill, separate from the other meatfuls, nothing happened. They don't sizzle. They don't drip. They just get grill marks!
After all of the eating, we gathered around the firepit and roasted marshmallows to make s'mores.One parent shared how she had roasted bananas with her parents when she was a little girl, so we brought out a bunch of bananas, chocolate chips, and coconut. The method is cool. You make a long side slit in the banana skin, then place chocolate and coconut inside. You hold the banana IN ITS SKIN over the fire until well roasted.
At one point, the kids ended up playing in the freshly-cut grass seed field along the side of the house. They built a human pyramid and built "forts" from the cut grass!
What a great night. What great kids. I love when the house is full of people.
Oh, and Theo was totally in his element, getting lots of, "Oh, he's so cute!" statements from the naive kids!


Sara said...

Looks like a great party - what fun!
Sara from farmingfriends

Vita said...

Ha ha. We eat those hot dog shaped things. They're good with mustard. Nice pyramid.