Oy, Vay!

The sun is bright. The plants are parched. My classroom is halfway done!
SUMMER, SUMMER, SUMMER! Sing it high! Sing it low! Sing it with a beer in your hand! IT'S SUMMER! I'm jumping with joy! My heart is pounding! I thought it was an anxiety attack, but, it's just that IT'S SUMMER!
I'll be done packing on Thursday. I am having to reconfigure everything, as I just found out that my new job is not just a one-year position! It's 3-5 years! Wowza-yowza! Now, I'm packing up an entire classroom in a much different manner, knowing that I'll be putting my personal materials in storage up in our attic for quite some time! Wwo-hoo! It's summer!
Can't wait! Heading out to a ballgame with Carnivorous Hippy this evening. Hubby and son are out of town, fishing for sturgeon in the Columbia River! Daughter is hanging with the boyfriend. Dogs are sleeping in the driveway. Cat is...well, who the hell cares? It's SUMMER!


Sara said...

This post makes me think of the Alice Cooper song. Schools out for Summer! If only it was in England!!
Have a lovely Summer BoggyWoggy.
Sara from farmingfriends

Skittles said...

I'm guessing you're happy about Summer? You really should try to be more clear in your posts! LOL

Congrats on the 3-5 yr :)

Vita said...

Heh heh heh. Now I know what you do with your stuff, anyway. I feel enlightened. How's your quilt coming along? Progresssing nicely?