Visit a New Geocache Soon!

Our Swedish visitors are delightful. As you know, we've had an exchange student living with us since March. His family is here for a 3-week visit and we are having a wonderful time in the Valley!
Yesterday, my friend, Carnivorous Hippy, and her daughter (Thing 2) joined us for geocaching adventures! "Agent Triple A" has geocached all over Sweden and other parts of the world. In her honor, I created a new cache site, titled Det är bra! Ja! (This is Good! Yes!) As we prepared to place the cache, Swedish Agent Triple A blessed the ammo container with a very special Swedish blessing and then made the hide.
If you are a geocacher, GREAT! The listing should be up soon! If you are not a cacher, think about giving it a go!
During the afternoon, we all met at Foster Lake for some fun on the boat! We dragged kids around the lake on our "Dragon Master" kill-toy. It was interesting having 10 people on the boat, as the engine had to work really hard. What fun! However, my age and "out-of-shapeness" have caught up with me. I am so sore from being dragged and thrown into the water.After the hours on the river, we stopped on the way home at a cache stashed in Sweet Home. Then, we all arrived safely home and had a big pot of homemade chicken soup (I'd planned ahead and cooked it up Monday morning), crusty French bread, salad made from our garden delights, and ice cream for dessert. The kids gathered around the computer, playing with www.pandora .com (my favorite music site) while we adults sipped coffee and made small-talk. Today, hubby and I are taking "Gary' back to Bend. He is our exchange student's friend who has been here visiting since Saturday. He will leave for Sweden on Aug. 1. I've only known him 4 1/2 days, but it feels as though we've known him our entire lives. What a nice kid!
Hooray for summer!


Vita said...

Non stop fun. Lucky you. No water skiing?

Vita said...

Oh, I meant CLEVER you, as it's not luck. Plus you already have new walls. You are so amazing!

BoggyWoggy said...

OH, Vita, you are so sweet.
Would you like to join us for sippy drinks on the deck next week? You and your handsome husband (is that what HH stands for on your blog stands for?) can join us! I'll contact CH and see if she and MS can come, too!