The Camera Survived the Big Dunk!

Geocaching on the coast!

View of Otter Crest from Cape Foulweather! There was a whale hunting down below and we watched him for 20 minutes!

As you know, in an earlier post, I dropped my Nikon in the Willamette River 2 days ago. I opened up all the "hatches" and placed the camera in the cab of my husband's truck. See, I figured it's so hot in there that NOTHING could escape evaporation!

Yesterday, I tried the camera out. It came on, but the LCD screen on back was nothing but a blur of weird colors and designs. Darn! But, I didn't give up hope! I placed the camera back in the truck, once again opening all hatches.

Just a few minutes ago, I got my hopes up.

I turned on the camera...and..

TAH-DAH! It works! I put the memory card back inside and...

TAH-DAH! That worked, too! Now, all of the photos I'd taken while with hubby at the coast are available! So are the photos of dogs swimming in the Willamette, right before the camera went snorkeling!
Dood, posing for the camera. Jim Dandy is heading out after another imaginary stick in the water!

Theo can't swim, as he's a Basset Hound. But, he enjoys cooling down on the shoreline. He has fallen in, on occasion, requiring rescue efforts by his loving owner, however, since his barrel chest makes it impossible for him to paddle. Some folks think bassets can swim. Not so. A friend of mine once told me about a basset she saw fall off a dock on a lake. She looked over the edge and saw him walking on the bottom! Poor dogs. They truly are deformed, you know!


Skittles said...

That's so cool you got the phone to work again! And the dogs are adorable :) LOL at the one chasing an imaginary stick!

Vita said...

Yaaaa. Tis good news, indeed. Glad to see the photos.

Nope. I'm only 12 per cent wierd. Mostly normal. Yup yup yup.

leyna said...

I love your blog and read it whenever i can. But had to post today, my roommate has/had (she actually lives with the ex but we get her a lot) a basset hound that will jump off the boat and swim if you are not careful.
And when i was a kid my neighbor had a basset that swam too.