I Can't Believe It!

Tonight, on my way home from an evening of geocaching for peace of mind (I needed to escape all the testosterone in my house...3 smelly teenaged boys, 3 males dogs, and a husband), I stopped at DQ to pick up some Blizzards for everyone. When I got home, I was logging my cache finds and hides and, out of curiosity, Googled "DQ Blizzard!" Ha, ha, ha! There's an actual BLIZZARD FAN CLUB!
While reading the history of the Blizzard page, I suddenly was reminded of the day my friends and I, as seniors in college, quit studying long enough to head over to the nearest DQ to buy one of these new things! We walked back to my apartment and sat on the couch, watching Magnum P.I., saying, "Ummm...yum...ooo.We did this without the Blizzards, mind you. We were actually watching Tom Selleck. The Blizzards just added to the fun!


Skittles said...

Yummmm.. to both LOL

Vita said...

Arrrr. Ye scurvy bilge rat. It be raining.