Hubby surprised me tonight! He took me to the movies on a "real" date! We saw "Hairspray!" I laughed and cried at it! What a fantastic, outlandish, upbeat, entertaining flick! Afterwards, we ate a nice dinner at El Sol de Mexico. Yum! My favorite dish is their "spinach enchiladas."

After eating, we headed out in the dark to place my newest geocache: "Utmost Use of Compost" Cache! It will soon be listed on http://www.geocaching.com/!

If you're not a cacher, why not? It's fun! It's easy! It gets you off your butt! You get to see a few neat sites...and walk a few miles...well, not necessarily miles, but, well, if you wanted to, you could!

I'm leaving for Castle Crags State Park in Northern California to meet up with my BayArea Buddy, Wendy, on Tuesday! We'll camp, hike, geocache, and drink good wine! With no kids or husbands to worry about, the cooking will be minimal and the visiting will be maximal!


The Carnivorous Hippy said...

Oh...that's where you've been! Glad you had a good time : ) I'm too sore to move.

Skittles said...

Hairspray is one of those I've always wanted to see but never got around to things! I just might have to tie a string around my finger now!

Vita said...

The only places I'm going are the farmer's market and Hairspray. Hope you have/are having/have had a great time and don't get into any more poison oak.