One Smart Fella, He Felt Smart...

Try saying THAT 5 times quickly! (Actually, you're supposed to say that, then up-the-ante by increasing the number of fellas...(i.e. "Two smart fellas, they felt smart. Three smart fellas, they felt smart, etc.") It's one of my favorite tongue twisters...along with holding your tongue while you say, "My father has a ship full of apples."

I learned both of these stupid phrases from my son. He may be only 15, but he seems to have the world figured out. Yesterday morning, he was sleeping in and I snuck into his room and put my hand on his head. I said, "Do you ever feel depressed?" He opened his eyes and said, "Who doesn't?"


Skittles said...

Hahaha.. I used to do the ship one!

Here's another:

Red bug's blood and black bug's blood. :)

BoggyWoggy said...

Skittles, I also know, "A big black bear bled blue blood."

Vita said...

That boy is Quick! Do you do things like that often?

Tuesday nights find me playing trombone in the park!