Ah-ha. The Meaning of My Life has been Revealed!

I took this photo in Newport, Oregon last week. This guy lured me into believing he could tell me my future. He said, "Don't just look at me. Come to me. I will tell you of your future." He said it in that creepy, cool voice we all remember from our days of watching cartoons!
We put our dollar in as he rattled on. Then a little slip of paper jumped out of the slot below. It said, "You will be successful in all that you do."
HA! What a crock! Of course, I guess, if you think about it, anyone can be successful in everything they do. All one must do is change the rules as he/she goes along in life!
What do you think your future holds? Are you successful?
I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Skittles said...

Those things scare me after seeing the movie Big lol. They probably did before the movie, too.

Vita said...

Too right. I agree with Skittles. That thing puts the shiver in me timbers.