Horseflies Suck...Literally!

We drove about 45 miles to Alsea Falls today.
It's hot and we wanted relief.
It's a hassle loadin' up kids, dogs, food, swimwear, etc. But, it seemed it would be all worth the work. The thermometer hit 92 degrees, which is plenty hot.

Got to the little town of Alsea and noticed the fuel tank was on empty! Yikes! I was driving Hubby's big truck, and now was going to have to cough up at least $70 to fill'er'up! I wasn't even sure if there was a station in Alsea, but I talked with a local guy and there was. It has those old 70's-style pumps and you have to pull up and honk your horn so the guy who runs the station hears you and comes over from across the road a-ways.

When we finally got to the falls, it was beautiful! Even Theo, the 99-pound Basset was having a blast. We ran and played and the boys swam...


BAM! WE WERE ATTACKED BY HORSEFLIES! I got 3 big bites on my legs. The boys were running and screaming and swinging their arms! The flies actually chased them quite a distance! I HATE HORSEFLIES! They are so aggressive and fearless!

So, after all that driving, we were only in the water for less than 20 minutes!

We loaded back up in the truck, fighting off the damn insects the entire time. The 2 big black dogs (Jim Dandy and Dood) got into the back end of the truck and we put Theo inside, due to the heat and his inability to handle it. He farted the entire drive back. It was horrid!
So, for 45 miles back home, I whined about my bites, smelled dog stinch, and watched my kids and their friends snooze.
What a day...


farmingfriends said...

Hi BoggyWoggy, We get horseflies too! They always bite me and its not nice so I can sympathise.
Sara from farmingfriends

Vita said...

I have never been bitten by a horsefly. Oh ho ho and boo hoo. That was such a funny and sad story! The horseflies always went for my horse. (I had a horse when I was a kid.) Glad you're back. I've missed you. Maybe there are no agressive horseflies at Silver Creek Falls. It's cool there, too, and you've got gas in the truck. Yes, the band played last night. Hippy wasn't there, but Mr. Hippy and Thing 2 were.

Skittles said...

Ohhh horseflies are awful! As kids we would always dive under water to get away from them.

There are still gas stations like that around? Wow!