Portland on a Friday Night...

We drove the kids up to Portland on Friday night. They were going to see the band, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at the Roseland Theater. Wow...that place is one of the funkiest corners in Portland...right on the corner of Burnside and 6th Avenues! Freaky people, transvestites, drunkards, sleeze-bags, homeless folks, and openly-affectioners everywhere. It was a show within itself for Hubby and I to watch as the kids exited the car and headed into the theater.

After they were safely in the door of the theater, we were off on our own adventure. We love heading into downtown PDX with no real goals. One time, we parked the car and hopped on MAX, just wondering where we'd end up. Heck, the ride is only a few bucks, so why not? On that night, we ended up at the old Memorial Coliseum, where we purchased tickets to see the Portland Winter Hawks play! I hadn't been to a hockey game since 1984, so it was grand fun! Another time, we parked under the Fremont Bridge and watched some large ships heading down the Willamette River, toward the Columbia! It was a cool scene because there is a lot of traffic on the bridge, making lots of noise, which we hardly noticed, due to our focus on ships.

Now back to this evening...Friday, September 28, 2007; We parked the car in a lot and started walking. We went into 5 jam-packed eating establishments before we finally found one with less than a 30-minute wait. P.D.Chang's China Bistro was a score! The atmosphere was absolutely awesome! Noise, movement, roudy bar, quiet dining room...we, of course, ended up in the bar. Our waiter was Noah and he was a gorgeous, ding-batty hunk. I asked him to recommend dinner and I ordered what he suggested! Salt-and-pepper prawns over organic brown rice. I had a tall Widmer Hefeweizen with a twist of lemon! Hubby had spicy calamari, also with a tall brew! We left feeling satisfied and excited about our luck!
Of course, the concert didn't end until midnight, so we roamed about on-foot, just watching people, absorbing smells, and laughing.
The kids had a great time and were really sleepy on the way home. They told us of their concert adventures (it was an indoor theater and they were amazed at how many dumb people there were trying to smoke joints...as each got caught and was removed).
I love my family...

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