Seaside 3-Course Challenge!

Just returned from another Cross-Country Team Adventure! Corvallis High School's Varsity Team completed the big invitational in Seaside, Oregon! It was quite an adventure, driving up a car full of rowdy, funny kids! The hotel experience, as usual, made me so happy to have a great kid! This team is so awesome...they know how to have fun without screwing around and making more work for others! Here are some of my favorite pics!
Every single team member fit into the spa at the hotel! My daughter is in the background, having just returned from a walk on the beach...Hotel Room Toga!

The start of my daughter's race! There were more than 200 girls running this particular race! It was amazing!

Mid-Course...I managed to run up some hills and found the girls running! I couldn't believe it! The had just come through the mud flats...about 3.5 miles into the run. Daughter was exhausted! I felt bad for her, in a way, knowing there were still many miles to go...The finish!This is where it all would end...

Sara, Coach Megan, Malory and Stewart after completing their races!
Team photo! Yeah...that's my girl in the middle. She's an animal!
During the awards ceremony. Everyone was all together on the hill. It had been a very long day...


Misty Dawn said...

Wow - that sounds like a fabulous time! How did your daughter do in the race? These are the times that will make memories she will never forget.

Vita said...

Ran into your spouse at Safeway, who said you were in Seaside. Soup server kept us sidetracked, but NOW I know what was going on in Seaside. What adventures do you have on for today? Someone moved your pavement cache.

Skittles said...

Cheers to your daughter!

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