Ummmm....Lovely Compost!

Ahhh...The delivery is made. We first tried to have him back his big truck into our fenced veggie garden area. Powerlines above proved to be a problem, so we moved the load out front, in the gravel parking area along our roadway.
Vrrroooom! The load of beautiful mint compost began its trip! I like hydraulics!
Wow! I might be working on this compost throughout the winter! There's about 12 yards of mint hay in there!
After the truck left, I threw Jim Dandy's "baby" on top of the steaming heap. He hesitated to climb up, but his teddy bear was not to be left behind...so, he jumped up the hill and snagged it!


farmingfriends said...

You are going to be very busy. need a hand?!
Sara from farmingfriends

Skittles said...

I clicked the last photo to enlarge it. Jim Dandy looks happy :)

Skittles said...

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