Clothes for Big Girls

It's not a bad thing! Now that I've accepted this TEMPORARY me-size, I decided to venture into one of those stores for sizes 14 and over! Wow! Talk about fashion (hee, hee! No, seriously!)

I've been going to this cool place in Eugene called CJ Banks. I've bought 4 complete outfits and am FINALLY comfortable! No more pinching! No more squeezing! Bright colors! Pretty professional clothing! wow!
Here are some shots of the jacket I wore today:

People stopped me in the hallway to say, "Wow. Where'd you get that jacket?" I'd reply, "From the Big Girls' Story!" Everyone chuckled. I felt just fine, as it honestly did fit well. Plus, I had a matching sleeveless t-shirt and midi-length black skirt. I had on my cool, spiffy cross-strap Clarks with opaque blac tights. Man, I felt professional AND comfy all day!Let's give it up for comfort! YEEEEEAAAAAA!


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The jacket is great!