Fall in the Garden!

Out and about, getting ready for Fall rains to really settle in! I've spent the last 3 days pulling out all of the perinneal violets that have taken over huge areas around my roses,hydrangeas, and more. I stopped at one point, grabbed the camera, and took these shots... Camellias in bloom! I brought this shrub back to life when we first moved into this home in 2001.
A false spirea putting out its last big show. I cut it back hard in late July, hoping for this result!
The last new hydrangea in the back...
A LEATHER-LEAF HYDRANGEA. If you could feel the texture of the leaves, you'd understand the name...absolutely huge!
Care for a cup of...succulents?
A new "candytuft," waiting to go into the ground...
Beard-Tongue, aka penstoman. I love this late Fall burst of color.
The Himalayan Honeysuckle had huge, juicy berries, which are drawing in all sorts of beautiful birds.

Monks Hood...a shady favorite that manages to sneak its way into my heart each October.
The bench my wonderful hubby built for me years ago. I found a picture in Sunset Magazine...and he cut up my old waterbed frame!
My Tulip Tree is getting big! Just look at the Fall color setting in!
This is Joe Pye Weed. The leaves are turning golden and the flowers are showing!

Back-Eyed Susan snaking its way through my largest Beauty Berry Bush.
If there were one flower I would want every gardener to add to his/her shade garden, this would be it! I collect these rare Toad Lilies. I buy them from Dancing Oaks Nursery, up in the Coast Range. You should see their website!
Another Toad Lily...close up.
An old-fashioned lace cap hydrangea. This is a very rare shrub that I managed to beg from my friend, Tom, the nurseryman. I love its large, rough leaves and dangly flowerheads.

This is the beautiful tea rose I bought in honor of my grandmother, Ma-Maw.
Black-Eyed Susan surrounding my test-run sculpture...I'll complete it next Spring!
Another big-time recommendation for all gardeners! This is called a "Turtle-Head Lily." It's so funny...looks like little turtles poking their heads from their shells! I have several in different locations and this one is my favorite.
Fall Asters, falling over due to excess flower weight! Gee, nothing to complain about here!


farmingfriends said...

Hi BoggyWoggy, Thanks for the fall tour. I love to see all your beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing. sara from farmingfriends

CH said...

Mmmmm....tastey succulents!
Hooray for you BW, I'm glad you're posting...makes me happy : )

robertholf said...

thanks for sharing! beautiful!

morpho aurora said...

beautiful flowers, thanks for posting such great pics.