Look Through the List Below...

Memory loss
Misplacing things
Trouble performing familiar tasks
Changes in personality and behavior
Poor or decreased judgment
Impaired communication
Inability to follow directions
Problems with language
Impaired visuospatial skills
Emotional apathy
Social withdrawal and less willingness to interact with others
Loss of motivation or initiative

If you nod your head to several of these descriptors, you may just want to make some arrangements for your future care! Seriously, folks! I'm so afraid I'm in the early phases of dementia (Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease).

It seems that I'm unable to answer simple questions nor carry on a "normal" conversation with anyone these days! I lose my train of thought, avoid judgemental statements, try to cover my feelings of being really, really tired, and stare at the TV way too much these days!

I know it's not REALLY what's going on, but, man, looking at that list can sort of freak you out, eh!

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