It's a Mystery!

Someone in our neighborhood is up to no-good.

Knocking on doors late at night.

Moving garbage cans right behind cars parked in driveways.

Ringing doorbells and running.

I want to think it's funny and cool, but for some reason I'm a little freaked out about it. 2 weeks ago, I was sitting in the living room, watching TV, when someone rang the front doorbell. The dogs went crazy and I went to the door. No one was there. I never am afraid to be along, but this got to me, so I let all 3 big dogs out and encouraged them to "Get'em boys!" The sniffed and woofed a bit, but no one was nearby...


ch said...

Hmmm. Is it happening to your other neighbors too? Sounds like kids... annoying kids : )
How about an electrified doorbell...just enough to stun 'em so you can see who it is? Nah, that sounds mean.
You could sit in a rocking chair with a shotgun and scare the poop out of them...
Oh! Instead of motion detection lights, how about motion dection flashes? Momentary blindness.

farmingfriends said...

Sorry to hear this. What a nuisance. sara from farmingfriends

Anonymous said...

Time was I would have just chalked it up to idiot kids. But the way the 'hood is today I'd be a bit freaked too.