Big Party Tonight!

We're celebrating Beautiful Daughter's 18th Birthday and her graduation from CHS tonight! I've created 7 salads for the occasion, as well as purchased various breads, veggie snacks, crackers, and beverages! I've strung lights throughout many garden spaces, set up the fire pit area for s'mores, and set up tents for any sleep-over kids to hit when they can't keep their eyes open any longer. There are 2 big cheesecakes, chocolate cake, and much more!

Now, about this HOT WEATHER! See, the last time we threw a big shin-dig was on that Friday awhile back where the temp. soared above 100! More than 90 people came for the party and I was sick all of the next day, due to heat exhaustion!

Today, Handsome Husband will be installing the little window-unit AC I bought from my mother. Hope that helps...

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