Garden Tour on Sunday??? Who'd-a-Thought?

I think she's lost it...


I drove up to McMinnville last night to spend the night at my mother's house. She'd invited me up to attend a Summer Garden Tour with her today. The drive up was awful. I was playing some Led Zepplin while cruising the back-roads towards Independence when I came across a long, long line of stopped cars. Freakin' road work. I turned off the engine, rolled down the windows and continued listening to my tunes.

31 minutes later-yes, 31 minutes-the pilot car arrived to lead our caravan through 11 miles of road work. That's right, folks, 11 miles!

As I finally cruised into McMinnville, I saw a few signs advertising the Garden Tour. I noted that the date was different than what Mommy Dearest had said.

When I arrived at her home, I said, "Hey, the signs I saw on the way in said the tour is on June 22."

"Yeah, that's right," she replied.

Well, since today's the 2oth, doesn't that mean the tour isn't until Sunday?"

So, I took her out for dinner to my NEW favorite restaurant. It's called Thai Kitchen, right in downtown Mac. We gorged ourselves on several amazing dishes then headed back to sit in her amazing garden. She sipped a beer while I loaded some coordinates into my GPS for some happy hunting over the weekend. At midnight, I decided to head home. I didn't really want to spend the night, anyway.

at 1:00, I rolled into the driveway, half-expecting I'd see Beautiful Daughter's car there and find her inside with a houseful of friends, hitting our martini bar area.

Nah, only the dogs greeted me. Thank goodness!

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