Passionate Geocaching

During the school year, it's not an option. Working full-time, being a mom, owning 3 big dogs---and crappy weather keep me from feeling the urge to geocache.
Then, school lets out, the sun begins shining, and Carnivorous Hippy calls and says, "Hey, wanna go caching today?"
Then, I go online and check out all of the new caches in our area. I start reading other cachers' logs. I start entering coordinates into my GPSs. I update some files. I check the goody bags. I head out for one hunt.

BAM! It's back! CH and I rode our bikes to a cache the other day that really had us stumped. We looked like complete fools, up to no good, as we crawled, pondered, lifted, snooped at the little weird triangle park across from the North Co-op Store. We may have given up the hunt, had it not been the phone coversation with another fellow cacher who'd found this one! He gave just the right clues and within 30 minutes, we found it! Granted, that was 30 minutes after already searching for, oh, 30 minutes.
Yesterday, I put out 2 new caches. They have great names! One's called "Bend Over, Baby." The other is a tribute to one of my favorite childhood song memories. It's called, "Ode to Billy Preston." Google his name if you'd like more info.

Today, I'm heading out to meet the Carnivorous Hippy again. We plan to hit the newest caches in Willamette Park. I sat up loading coordinates into my more-expensive Magellan and discovered options it had that will make it possible for me to go completely paperless as we head onto the trails. It's good for the environment, you know, and saves our household a lot of ink!

Yea for summer!


Geocaching Online said...

Yea for summer, ditto! Glad to hear that you got a chance to get back to Geocaching!

Emily said...

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