I Drop Things

I do.

I drop glasses.

I drop plants in pots.

I drop keys.

I even drop my dirty clothes on the floor at the end of the day.
I don't think I've ever dropped a baby, but my mom dropped my youngest brother on his head when he was only 2 weeks old. She was standing in the backyard, smoking a cigarette. The cig fell and she wanted to grab it before it hit the ground. She dropped the baby, but saved the Kool 100!

Yesterday, however, topped all. I've been really, really sad about it. I dropped my Magellan Sportrak Color GPS Unit.
I've dropped it many times before. As a matter of fact, it was in ugly shape, with several types of tape holding the back on, a piece of blue tape holding the batteries in, and several chips on the front buttons. However, it has always managed to survive prior droppings. I even forgot it on the roof of my friend's car once while hiking in Northern California. We were driving along a gravel road near Mt. Shasta when I heard something bounce off her trunk! She quickly stopped and there is was, my GPS, broken into 3 pieces. I always seem to have duct tape with me, which is also called "The Substance of the Universe" for folks who are members of the SCA, and I put it back together!

This time it fell out of my backpack as I was coming into the house. Our large entry is all white, hard tile. BAM! It hit the tile on its head! I then watched as the Liquid Crystal Display broke and spread like ink all across the screen.

Since that time, I have driven to a freak-a-zoid's mobile home to look at another Magellan he had posted on Craigslist. OMG!!! The house was filled with cigarette smoke, a dog tried to bite me, and the unit wouldn't even turn on! I asked him if he'd been using it for hunting or geocaching and he said, "Nope. A buddy of mine owed me some money, so he gave me this, instead." It wasn't even the same unit as mine, but it was close.

Then, I found one on ebay and have been bidding throughout the day, hoping to win. Finally, I'm the highest bidder. See, the Sportrak Color is no longer manufactured, so I have to rely on finding a used model somewhere. Why try to get the same unit as I broke? Well, I've invested more than $100 in optional equipment, including a car charger, USB adaptor for uploading maps, and a holder for the car.

I hope I win on ebay. The original unit was about $395 at a sporting goods store. My current bid is $112.50.


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