The plot thickens...and Lorazepam really helps!

Made it through a rough day.

My work day ended with me in my doctor's office, asking to be seen.

Dr. D let me in, heard me out, and let me leave with the controversial prescription.

I feel goooooooooodddddd tonight. I was playing beach-ball Kill-Ball with the kids in the driveway. Malory, Collin, and Albin are much younger and quicker than me. I quit. Then, we talked about weekend plans. Woo-hoo...I'm trying to convince my friends, MCS and CH to go with us to the Crystal Ballroom to participate in a wild night of 70's music with DJ Victoryfoxx and a big screen of videos! Life is good, as long as I have some chemical interventions in place.

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Lisa M. Lynch said...

Sometimes you just need a little something with the zepam in it...