I Could Have Done It Myself!


That's what I paid to feel good about myself! When I look down and see that I haven't lost a single pound, in spite of all of the biking, working in the garden, walking, and such, I usually find myself doing something to my hair.

Usually, it involves getting a cut at a cheap hair salon, like Perfect Look, and coloring the be-jeezus out of it, using Loreal's Feria. I do a pretty good job, actually!

However, out of feeling down about my weight and such, I decided, "What the heck? I'll have it done by a professional."

What a waste!

The appointment took 1 hour and 45 minutes! She mixed all of these custom colors together, trimmed my hair, colored only parts of it, waited awhile, and then added some platinum bonde highlights.


It looks EXACTLY the same! No joke! I gave herthe money, including a tip, and walked out the door wondering WTF just happened!!!

That's a lot of perinneals on that there head of mine!

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