Dirty Feet Syndrome

Is it just me, or are your feet crackly, crunchy, and filthy all summer? I went to buy new walking shoes today (aka "tennies") and was so shocked as I removed my Teva sandals! My heels and the balls of my feet were black! I immediately went over to the sock section of Big5 and took a pack of clean footies off the rack.

As I was putting on the socks, I noticed some other interesting details:

1. my toenails, which I painted back in early April, need painting. They were hideous!

2. I have several chipped and chopped nails! I wear sandals a lot while working in the garden.

3. the tops of my feet have odd tanning. I wear both Birkenstocks (Florida) and Tevas, which accounts for the striping.

4. the little toe is useless

5. my feet stink! Sandals made of that black rubber stuff do NOT help!

I know women who have absolutely BEAUTIFUL feet! It wouldn't even matter if their toenails were painted---their feet are awesome! I'll never be one of those women...

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weeder1 said...

OMG! Thank you! I thought I was the only woman not living on the street who had filthy, laughing-at-loofas, feet! I wear sandals all summer. I garden and yarden much of the time. I have lots of dirt. Little concrete. Little grass. Very dirty feet..even though they get a daily scrubbing with one of those coarse stone thingies from Bath & Body. I've even been known to sit at the computer with my feet soaking in water. Probably not the healthiest thing to do....