Camping, Running, and Anxiety! They are All Related, You Know...

My daughter will be running a Half-Marathon on Saturday. It's called The Crater Lake Rim Run. She, her brother, and I will be heading off to the rinky-dink town of Chiloquin, which is the only place I could find lodging! I planned in advance, but just not enough in advance! All hotels, campgrounds, and lodges in the great Crater Lake area were booked 4 weeks ago! It's only a 4-hour drive, so that's good.

We'll be staying at Walt's Cozy Campground. Doesn't that sound hilarious? I was going to just bring tents, but when I saw that this was actually an RV park, decided to load up the camper! Heck, why not a little comfort? Electricity, running water, fan at night, reading lights!
I am actually quite stressed out, but covering. My anxiety attacks tend to get me during certain times of year: August (I know school will be starting soon), December (Christmas...and knowing that school will start soon) and at the end of Spring Vacation (yeah, that's right...school, again!) However, with my new job, being out of the classroom, I'm hoping for less stress and freaking out. I'll have my own office now! I'll organize it (ha!) and make it something special, I suppose.
I wonder how other folks do? I tend to feel that there are 15 things I've forgotten to do, yet I cannot figure out what they are! I keep running lists going in my head. I write things down a lot, then lose the paper.

At least we're going someplace absolutely beautiful!


farmingfriends said...

Hi Boggywoggy,
Sorry to hear that you are feeling anxious.
I bet you will have a great time camping. Hope your daughter does well with her half marathon.
Sara from farmingfriends

Vita said...

Chiloquin was a beautiful town. My Karman Ghia was towed there after HH rolled it on icey 97 just past Crater Lake junction. The town was in the midst of big changes last summer when I was there. Good luck to Beautiful Daughter and I hope you enjoy Walt's Cozy Campground and RV park.

The Carnivorous Hippy said...

Have a great time with the kids BW! Our family has yet to do anything together this summer... I'm envious of you! Thing 2 just painted my toenails...
PH is a mason and building steps right now... can you figure out the PH?

Skittles said...

Walt's Cozy Campground?? I guess it sounds cute after thinking about it. :)

I visited Crater Lake when I was 12. It's beautiful and BIG!

I know ALLLL about anxiety attacks. Sending you good thoughts.

I have a special sticky post up!