If you had to kiss one of these faces, which would you choose, and why?

Face #1

Face #2


Mrs Lovecarrot said...

Ok, well, the psycho teflon head with the overbite looks bit less creepy and he looks thicker and therefore easier to outwit and get away from if things get dicey. He also looks like he has more of a sense of humour... oh yes and if I slagged off his technique and he decided to sue me for libel he wouldn't have the same bottomless set of financial resources with which to pay legal fees... then again, he might get aroused and want more than just a kiss and I reckon he's probably stronger than Michael Jackson... and worse, he might try to put his tongue in.

As for MJ or is that Captain Black? I'm over 12 so if what I've heard is true, Michael Jackson probably wouldn't be interested in kissing me and of course, that means the process would be swift and platonic. A light peck with no danger of complications, other than his nose or some of the stubble falling off that is... He's not going to get aroused and try to get more than a kiss though is he, or use his tongue.

I bought a Michael Jackson doll at a car boot sale for 50p the other week. It freaks me out so badly I've had to hide it in a drawer.

No, it's no good, I can't decide and I've looked at the pictures so long I feel too sick to think about it any more. So it's a tie, you'd have to put a bag over my head and I'd take pot luck (and then run for it).


Mrs L Carrot

BoggyWoggy said...

You rock, Mrs. C

Christine and FAZ said...

Probably No.1 because I think he is sad and lonley whereas No.2 is proably happy with his own skin.

Vita said...