She's a Winner!

Well, here we are, getting ready to head home! Camping in Chiloquin, Oregon was definitely relaxing and fun! What an adventure with just a mom and her kids!

I'm soooooooo sorry for what I'm about to do.

I can't help it, though...I'm being a MOM right now.

My daughter did an amazing job at the Crater Lake Rim Run! She came in first for her age category in the 13 miles (1/2 Marathon) race! When she crossed the finish line, she wasn't even sweating! It was simply amazing! Her brother and I had dropped her off at the starting line at about 6:50 a.m., then had to get going along Rim Drive in order to avoid the road closure, due to runners. We wanted to be at the finish line! It was a long wait, but so exciting! She was the 13th runner in! She was the 4th female! She was beautiful and strong! Here she is with the other 3 women who came just before her!

They were fantastic and so inspiring and so kind to her! The woman right next to her was from our town! It was really fun talking with her! She actually got first place for the women!

Here she is with the top 3 teens, right after the awards ceremony. She is 17, the fellow in the middle was actually 21, and the vellow on the far right had the same last name!

He was 17, too ( I think...)!

She made some excellent connections with other runners and they all

vowed to meet up at the next 1/2-Marathon!

Her brother and I were so proud of her. I'm so lucky that my 2 kids are best friends and do all they can to compliment and support each other. When she leaves for college, my son has admitted that he'll miss her a lot...however, she promised to help fly him over to spend time with her as often as we can afford!
Our camping adventure was OK. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Walt's Cozy Campground! Only $15/night included full hook-ups and complete peace. The restroom/shower area was classic, with beautiful knotty pine walls and spotless appeal! The owner (Walt, go figure...) was so nice and helpful...and told me great stories about his life and past.
This morning, while strolling about the property, I caught this awesome beetle and brought it back to the camper to show the kids! It was an aggressive little bugger...and hissed at me whenever I tapped its back! Of course, that meant we all tapped it often, since he sounded so cool! Very beautiful bug!


farmingfriends said...

Sounds like you had a fab time. Congratulations to your daughter - she did brilliantly.
Sara from farmingfriends

Vita said...

What!? You are sorry for bragging about BD? I'm glad you liked Walt's Cozy Campground. Your camper thingy is very cute. I love that picture of BD running there. Is that Mt. Thielson behind her?

Skittles said...

CHEERS and confetti throwing for your daughter!!! That's wonderful!

The Carnivorous Hippy said...

I do love your kids! Congratulations on a wonderful bonding trip... maybe you could get one more in??

Leonie said...

whooo hooo, well done to your daughter, what an achievement! You rightly should be sooooo proud, well done!

BoggyWoggy said...

Yes, Vita...it is Mt. Thielson! I love that peak!
P.S. I liked seeing the front of your house today! What are you doing Wednesday evening??? Is there any Big Band stuff going down?

Vita said...

Yes, there's great big community band stuff going down. My brother drove through Chimault Saturday. He was raving about some new gas station with cheap hot dogs there. I was worried about their cute long-time local convenience store that looks like a set from an old time western. Did you see it?

BoggyWoggy said...

Yes. I actually told Carnivorous Hippy about stopping there on our way out of town for BubbleYum Bubblegum (son and I like to have bubble blowing contests on the drive home) and witnessing a guy coming in with almost 1000 empty beer cans to return! They told him they could only take 144. He was pretty wasted...