Our Next Big Home Adventure!

OK, the interior doors are all done. They've been removed, sanded, primed, painted, and replaced. check

The door mouldings and floor mouldings have all been removed, replaced, and painted. check

The slider is out and the French door is in. check

The BIG 8-foot slider is being installed next Friday. check

The cedar has been pulled from the walls and replaced with beaded board paneling. check

Surfaces have been prepped and painted with perriwinkle-blue paint. check

Now...get ready!
1. Hubby and I will install solar tubes in both bathrooms and in the hallway soon.

2. I'm INVENTING a popcorn ceiling removal system that will help us avoid having to move all furniture out of most of our home. For goodness sakes, there's a grand piano in the living room! ARRRGH!
I'll spend the entire winter scraping and removing the crap (it looks like cottage cheese) from the ceilings in sections, therefore eliminating us having to stay out. I'll do the dining room, living room, hallway, and, later, the 3 bedrooms.

Then, we'll prime and paint! Tah-dah! According to my estimates, it may increase the home's value by between $10,000 and $30,000. Seems worth it!
Here is an example of what we currently have, although you'll have to envision the network of spider webs.
We'll texture lightly with joint compound. Then, we'll paint.


Vita said...

As long as you don't get some cat like mine, your plan is perfect. I am still taking wallpaper off that I started last summer. (I think.) Two days ago I cleared off the counter so I could finish up with the removal, because I'm getting excited about painting, but I was pulled away to some other project and never got back to the wallpaper, and had to put things back so people could brush teeth wash hands etc.

Leonie said...

oh gosh, you sound like us. we're re-decorating (more like renovating) and the list of things to do just goes on and on. Good luck, I hope you get everything done as planned, it sounds like you're making good progress.