Fishing on the Alsea...

The beautiful Alsea River, about 12 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean.
Absolutely PERFECT weather.
Absolutely HORRIBLE fishing!
We took the "big boat" west, toward Waldport, Oregon, to see if we could snag a few Chinook to complete the filling of the freezer. Left home about 6:30. Returned at about 5:00 p.m. empty-handed.

Here's hubby fixing my mess. While trolling, our lines continually got hung up on sea grass coming in with the tide. At one point, my friend (we'd brought her along) was in charge of driving the boat. Whenever a line gets hung, the driver usually puts it in neutral. Friend got excited and shifted into reverse!

My line then wrapped around the propeller, oh, let's say, about 200 times!

But, as the day came to a close, in spite of getting no fish, we all felt GREAT about relaxing on the river! Hubby and my friend are pleased about the day. We ended it in a tavern called "The Flounder Inn." A good cold hefeweizen and hot clam chowder make everything good!


Skittles said...

It looks like the weather was perfect for a day of relaxing on the lake!

Only 200 times? LOL

Vita said...

Do you ever get to drive the boat? How fast does it go? Which boat is faster, the big boat or the little boat?

BoggyWoggy said...

The big boat is hubby's "post-cancer" gift. I figure when anyone survives, they should get what they want! He got a new boat and truck.
It goes FAST! It's a North River with a Yamaha 115 on back. It'll go, oh, I bet 60 mph on a lake.
The "little boat" is a FishRite drift boat. He sometimes puts his little 15hp on it...and we can go, oh, 5 mph.
Do you fish?

BoggyWoggy said...

Oh, and yes, I usually drive when we're dragging kids on the lake. I began driving ski boats when I was 14. I'll have to tell you the story sometime...

farmingfriends said...

Sounds like a fun packed fishing trip. Sara from farmingfriends