I Found Him!!!

I finally found him!

Joey McKenzie!

We went to high school together and he was THE most awesome stringed-instrument player I've ever known (sorry CH...You haven't really played for me, so how can I know?)

Anyway, he was one of those kids who traveled all over the country, entering fiddle competitions and winning, long before American Idol/America's Got Talent/Star Search were even around.

For about 2 months he's been on my mind and I've wondered, "Whatever happened to Joey McKenzie?" I think it's because we tend to have lots of musical folks in our lives...pianists, cellists, tubaists (check out smithforpresident.com), drummers, guitarists, singers, and such....

A quick Zaba Search earlier on revealed nothing, as I didn't even know where to consider his locale in the US now.

But, today was an exception! A birthday came up that was within rage.

Then, a website.

Then, well, tah-dah!!!

He lives in Texas and runs his own music shop, fiddle lessons, and band!

Here's the website!


I can't legally copy the video they have attached to the site, but here's where you can go:

Yea! See, a little work goes a long way!!!

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