OH, My Aching Head...

I'm OK with having a couple of beers. Beer never really seems to get to me.

Last night, however, Hubby made me 2 martinis...and, even though I didn't "gulp" them down, I awoke at 5:00 this morning with a throbbing head and weak stomach.

We had an amazing dinner with our good friends out on our deck. Hubby bought some delicious King Crab legs and steamed them to perfection, using garlic cloves from my garden. With it we had fresh-picked green beans from our garden and wonderful breads! For dessert, I baked a cobbler, using berries Hubby picked that afternoon...beautitul blackberries! It feels good to make use of the produce growing within just about 40-50 feet of our home! The weather was perfect.
The air was light, even a little cool.
The Bombay Sapphire Gin a little too delicious.
Now, my morning is going to be a little slower than I'd hoped.

Oh, well...


Skittles said...

Oh no! You should try Captain Morgan rum! (Smile.)

You've been tagged with the Middle Name Meme!

The Carnivorous Hippy said...

The headache was WELL worth it!! Fabulous meal, fabulous friends, fabulous gin!