Cat Invasion

I heard our kitty, Rocket the Cat, making a low, long, weird howling sound in the hallway. I went to take a look. She'd recently been ill and had stayed at the vet's office overnight, so I though maybe she was sick again. As I approached, I said, "What's the matter, Rocket?" I reached down and picked her up from behind. She HISSED really loudly and took a swat at me!

She's never, ever done that. I kind of freaked out and dropped her, but quickly picked her up again and walked to the couch. I was petting her and she began purring and settled down on her side, relaxed.

Then, I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

Movement in the hallway where we'd just been. It was Rocket the Cat! NO! It was some other cat! It came walking out of our bedroom! When it suddenly looked up and saw me, it ran back into the room! I put Rocket the Cat in the bathroom and closed the door. I went into our room and, ZOOM! 3 cats were in there, zooming around, freaked out that I'd surprised them! 2 ran under the bed and 1 ran out the door and down the hall!

I began picking up the piles of clothes I've let accumulate around our bed so I could look underneath, half-expecting a cat to claw my face. Instead, here were 2 little cats with HUGE eyes glaring at me, out of reach.

I decided to quit being so nice and took a slipper lying nearby and slapped it firmly, over and over, on the carpet and said, "Get!"

Zoom! Those 2 cats zipped out of the room and down the hall, through the living room, dining room, and out the French doors to the backyard!

Good grief! Now I'll have to stop leaving the doors open.


Mrs. Parks said...

I would have been scared to death it would have been some cat like Church from Pet Cemetary... but thats just how my mind works. Scary.

Hey! My Husband was in Corvallis this morning.
He drives a Safeway grocery truck, so odds are if you buy milk at Safeway today, my husband delivered it!

Have a great weekend : )

BoggyWoggy said...

Oh, Mrs. Parks, is your husband the handsome hunk who struts his way through the aisles, delivering his milk, making all of the grocery ladies swoon?