Geocaching Fun at DaVinci Days in Corvallis!

For the 2nd year, I put in some time working at the Geocaching Arena at DaVinci Days! What fun! Set up on Friday was simple, as there were many helpers and the weather was cool. We set up tables, put on the table cloths, and proceeded to chat about our caching experiences. There are some SUPER funny people who are involved with this sport!
Today was also great, as it was competition day! Folks raced to find as many special event caches as possible within 2 hours. In the end, there were winners and no losers! Great prizes and great laughter.
Next year, I will organize the geocaching event, with the help of many fine cachers in the area! We are going to have a great time introducing others to the sport and swapping stories and adventures!
On my way home from DaVinci Days, decided to set out a new geocache for others to find. It's called "Dome View." Hot and sweaty on my return home.

Thanks to Leonardo daVinci for giving us all reason to celebrate the arts and technology!


Vita said...

DD had a wonderful time and wants to go again.

BoggyWoggy said...

I saw your DD. She's a beaut! She always smiles...always.