More of My Hydrangea Collection...

See yesterday's post for the initial collection of hydrangeas from my garden.
Tonight, as we were sitting on the back deck, enjoying dinner, I realized I hadn't photographed any of the hydrangeas in my backyard area! So, here's more to see! Vibrant blue LaceCap
Huge mophead Hydrangeas. These babies are fed nothing but garden compost, mint compost, and good, clean Oregon well water!
This shrub is creating multiple colors of flowers. It's in a partial shade garden that gets only 1 hour of direct sunlight each day. I believe the light affects the plant.
Giant Classic Mophead from my backyard! This borders a fence between us and our neighbors. The shrubs have now grown over the fence, in only 7 years!
Full view of the mopheads mentioned above
Pretty pastels here!
One last hydrangea. I remember buying this at Dancing Oaks Nursery, near Airlie, Oregon. It is one of the most expensive nurseries in the state, but produces the most sure-fire, beautiful, healthy plants I've ever owned...


missburrows said...

Ah, don't you love how our plants bloom so well in the oregon jungle!

BoggyWoggy said...
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