So, This Dog Goes Into the Vet...

This is Dood. He's the twin brother of Jim Dandy. Dood and Jim Dandy turned 7 this year.

Jim Dandy is the alpha-male. He runs the show and has everything figured out.

Dood, on the other hand, is the submissive boy, who most folks think is a girl. He falls onto his back when we approach him, quite often, displaying his complete submission to our desires. Dood is very special in our hearts and home.

Today, I took Dood to the vet. I found a rather large lump on his neck and it had this horrid, fatty-looking gunk coming out of it! The trip was uneventful. The vet said, "Hmmm...Looks like a lump with fatty-looking gunk coming out of it. We'll schedule surgery for, oh, can you do this coming Thursday?" So, there you go. Dood usually gets the short end of the stick when it comes to good health. He's had 2 surgeries already in his sort life, has gotten salmon poisoning, ...the list goes on and on. He's cautious, won't swim, and would rather stay right by our sides than venture out to capture small mammals in the field by our house, unlike his brother and our BIG, FAT Basset Hound (Theo).

I guess there are "Doods" all over the world who live their lives, doing all they can to please others, who end up getting the short end of the stick. I love Dood to pieces, but can guiltally admit that if I could keep only 1 of our dogs, it would be alpha-male, Wild Dog of the Pacific Northwest, Jim Dandy. Theo smells and is fat, so he's out. Dood, well, he's sweet, but not much goin' on upstairs.

The vet visit ran me $59.00 so that I could hear the vet repeat my words precisely.

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(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Awww, but look at that face!

Welcome back from your trip, what an amazing time! The pictures were GORGEOUS and please put me on that ferry boat (the one without the fishing business) STAT. Please. Pretty please with sugar on top?