Dazed and Confused

Yeah, it's one of my favorites "blasts from the past."
I even played for many years on a co-ed softball team with the name.
It's a lifelong theme.
My son is actually sitting in the other room, watching the movie.

I cooked dinner (actually, heated up leftovers from last night) and he said, "Nah. I don't want any. I'm making my own dinner. He whipped up an amazing meal, using the pesto I "custom made" 3 days ago, after harvesting some basil in the garden. He used the leftover chicken. He used some shredded parmesan. He used a whole-grain SaraLee bagel. He used some sun-dried tomatoes. I even taught him how to use the broiler.
While I ate leftovers, he ate a masterpiece.

So, here's my quandry. I'm really, really depressed this evening. I am excited that the kids are independent, but I didn't prepare myself well enough for not-being-needed. Of course, I provide food, clothing, shelter, money, transportation, and more, but they act like they don't need me. I'm trying to be logical, and am remembering all that the therapist is teaching me, but it still hurts sometimes. For some reason, tonight is one of those times.

Man, I wish I could go see Robert Plant singing right now. That'd take my mind off this. Or, I wish Carnivorous Hippy was well and could go to a movie with me. Or, I wish we had furniture in our house, so I could go sit in the living room on a comfy couch. Or, I wish I had $500 to spend on something fun. A Led Zepplin concert. That'd be good...


ch said...

I need you. Please come over and cook leftovers for me...

Vita said...

Oh, man. You could have come to the band concert in Central Park, and seen Mr. CH playing tuba. After cooking leftovers for M ch.

I wonder if M ch will be well enough to play tonight!

What else? Oh, your back yard hydrangeas. They are soooooo unbelievably beautiful. Wowy-zowy. Early this spring there were some iris blooming that had gorgeous color like that, and some were near a magic rose with equally unbelievable brilliant color in a rosey hue.

BoggyWoggy said...

How can you EVEN compare the "oom-pah-pah" Community Band to LZ? You HAVE to be kidding! I want to feel better, not like I'm sitting at a high school band concert! :)

Vita said...

Obviously not a band person!

Who's got pipes and pierced nipples?

Anonymous said...

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